8 in the Aisle – 2

This week seemed to fly by. I’m a planner and I love routine. Kinda weird for a Bohemian I guess. But when I’m home I need the stability of a routine. I love to be surrounded by the memories I’ve collected from my travels, and when I’m on the road, I can absolutely go with the flow, but at home, it’s a different story.

And this week was ~ disjointed. There was the regular routine of getting up and preparing the kiddo for school, but after that forget it.

Each day was different and had a unique challenge to overcome. But these challenges were met and success was achieved! I’ll talk a little more about that below in a different section.

As for cooking- I’ve made some great meals, and have some even better ones planned. Can’t wait for you to try them! 💚

Things I’m Loving

Do you guys listen to podcasts?  If I’m alone there is always one playing on my kitchen HomePod mini.  And if the house is full, I have my AirPods in to help me focus on the task at hand.

Right now I’m binging the Smartness Podcast.  

Did you know that  Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett are all friends and they are hilarious together!  Each week they take turns booking a mystery celebrity guest to interview, and it is addictive to listen to.  

Also, and this seems so minor, I’m loving my Bamboo Toothbrush.  It seems to be such a waste to have to throw away a plastic brush every few months because it wears out (I’m an aggressive brusher), and I was so excited when I found these that have hard bristles.  They are 100% biodegradable and I feel better using them, and they have different colors so no more toothbrush confusion in the bathroom.

Did you also know that there are microplastics in most kinds of toothpaste?  Yep!  ’tis true!  Look for a natural one if you want to change things.  

My Hydroflask water bottle.  I am really late to the game when it comes to this ( I just didn’t understand why a $40 water bottle was so popular).  

My kid had one, but didn’t like the top so instead of putting it in a cabinet, I took it for my daily use and it has helped me drink more water, even when I’m stressed – but more about that in my next section

I’m also binging old Episodes of “The Amazing Race”. It’s comical how we used to travel.  No cell phones, you can only get the internet at a cafe on the corner, and no security at the airport.  But it is cool to see the world, and all the different places I plan to go to again, someday.

Wins & Obstacles To Overcome

This week has been a tough one health-wise.  I had to take care of a family member who had surgery.  The procedure was pretty quick, and they are now recovering nicely, thank you for your thoughts.  

But I learned that I am indeed a stress eater.  When things get difficult, or my schedule begins to get out of my control, I turn away from my calorie counting, and do a little binge.  It’s not that we have lots of candy and junk food in the house, but I do eat more “handfuls” of things and am not nearly as diligent in weighing my food and counting the calories I am consuming.

I also don’t drink nearly as much water as I should when I’m stressed, which seems like the opposite of what should happen.

Most popular Recipe from last week

The Gardein Chicken Vegetarian Tacos was my most popular recipe last week!  Thanks to everyone who saved or made the recipe!  

Gardein Vegan Chicken Tacos
Gardein Vegan Chicken Tacos

What I’m answering.

Everyone still wants to know more about LuLu.  Well, she is still in 100% puppy mode.  We are working on the potty training, still.  Honestly, I think it was easier to teach the kiddo where to go over her!  

As of right now, she won’t go outside, which I think Is a little bit weird.  At home, during the day, we are teaching her to use a little hallway where we have an old towel that we use as a pee-pee pad.  FYI those disposable ones are no better than diapers for the environment, so we just use an old cotton towel and bleach it once it gets stained.  

To help with getting LuLu to go outside, we have joined an informal dog walking group in the neighborhood.  Every morning and evening, there are a lot of neighbors out walking their dogs.  Naturally, a group forms and we talk about whatever is happening in the ‘hood or current events as we make our way around the area.

I am hoping that LuLu will see some of the other dogs go potty outside and she will try to do the same.  Fingers Crossed! 🤞🏼


For the first time since the Pandemic began, I went to a social event!  It has been soooo long!  Our next-door neighbors had a happy hour with 5 or 6 couples and while I went solo (because of my wife recovering), it wasn’t a big deal to everyone there.

It was only next door, and I might have been the youngest one there, but it was fun nevertheless.

What was so interesting about it is that it seems we have lost the art of small talk.  Or at least one of the guests did.  We made comments about the wine, and how nicely they had decorated the house, and what upgrades were done.  But this one neighbor kept bringing up politics.  It was sort of weird how that seemed to be their only topic of conversation.

But the rest of us didn’t take the bait.  The first time they did this I had the quick reaction to talk about how Baseball Season just started (Go GIANTS).  This worked for about 15 minutes until they tried to slide in another political comment.  But another neighbor was ready, and changed the subject to their recent trip to an aquarium.

Finally the neighbor seemed to get the idea, and brought up a topic that was at least better for the rest of the group – BBQ.  They liked to smoke Biscuit in their driveway, and that got the conversation going again.  Of course, y’all know I have never ever tasted Texas BBQ and just listened politely.

Links I’ve clicked on this week

Looking through my browser history – I think everyone should do this once a week, it’s Very enlightening – I see links around website themes, setting up google alerts, and starting a community vegetable garden.

Two of them are short term goals, things I’ll do next week (I’ve already set up a google alert for my website and other related terms), but the community garden is a longer term goal, that I want to start to investigate.

Has anyone ever started a neighborhood garden?  Does anyone participate in one?  Hit me up on Twitter and let me know. 


It’s the end of winter, and the beginning of spring here and the temperature fluctuates between 40° in the morning, to 80° in the afternoon.  Layers are key, and I’m really loving my Patagonia Vest.  Thankfully I’ve lost enough weight to be able to fit into it again but it is still a bit tight.  I’m not done with the weight loss journey yet, and soon I’ll be able to fit into a lot of my old clothes and start working on a new wardrobe.

Upcoming Recipes

Monday – One-Skillet Pasta Recipe with Sun-Dried Tomato

Tuesday – Vegan Sweet Potato Taco Recipe

Wednesday –  Artichoke Heart Tart Recipe

Thursday – Healthy Canned Garbanzo Beans and Kale Recipe

Friday  – Louisiana Vegetarian Chicken Pasta

Saturday & Sunday –  Leftovers and Take Out

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