8 in the Aisle – 3

Happy Passover, Easter, and Ramadan!  It’s a cultural and divergence week and however you are celebrating, I bless you with peace and happiness.

Spring is happening in Austin, but it is changing a little bit.  We have these perfect days where it’s just chilly enough in the morning that you need a light jacket or vest to head out, but then by the early afternoon it’s shorts and T-shirt weather (most days).  Of course, the allergies are off the charts, but thankfully masks help with that.  Are you still wearing a mask?  I find them quite useful sometimes.

We are starting to enter the thunderstorm season here – some afternoons the weather will take a turn, and a big fast-moving storm will roll in.  Often it’s just a bunch of rain which is nice because it washes all the pollen off everything.  Sometimes there is a hail storm, which can produce significant chunks of ice falling from the sky.

Lately, as I mentioned above we have been getting some Tornadoes here in Central Texas, which is pretty unusual. Usually, they are farther north, but I guess because of climate change, these things are to be expected.  Hopefully, we will never get hit by one.  I can’t even imagine. 


Things I’m Loving

My Tortilla Press!  I love making corn tortillas by hand, and this cast iron tortilla maker is so affordable that everyone should have one.  Have you ever had a freshly made tortilla?  They are so good!  

Authentic Cast Iron tortilla Press.
Authentic Cast Iron tortilla Press

This dog tag!  Rose Gold and such a cute font!  And the little heart below it.  Now I don’t have to worry as much if she gets out. LuLu is turning into just the sweetest little girl.  I never thought I’d be a small dog guy, but here I am.  Of course, she still has her puppy moments where she bites too much and has an “accident” on the carpet, but since she is so cute, we forgive her.  


These green compostable recycling bags.  We have a two-bin garbage Drawer, and to encourage more recycling (and less landfill waste) I line the first bin with these bags so that the first thing we see when going to throw something away is the ability to recycle it.  

Wins & Obstacles To Overcome

My weight loss took a little bit of a slowdown this week.  Apparently, I’m a stress eater.  And this week was very stressful.  I won’t get into the details, and everything has worked out nicely, but as I went through the process I had a tough time.  

The good news is I didn’t gain anything, and now I’m back on track – onward to onederland!

AS for Wins- LuLu is still a puppy, but she is doing fewer puppy things.  The biting has turned to licking sometimes.  We are still having some accidents on the carpet, and she won’t pee outside at all, but she is using the pads in the tile hallway a bit more.  

Most popular Recipe from last week

Looking back at my analytics for the last week, the recipe that had the most visits on the website is my Veggie Sliders recipe.  They are both healthy and delicious (although the butter on top does put them over the edge a little bit).  Have you tried making them yet?  What’s stopping you!  

Meatless Veggie Sliders
Meatless Veggie Sliders

What I’m answering

Do I grill?  No!  I actually don’t have a grill or a BBQ.  But it’s on my list.  I’ve been looking at This classic Webber, the Egg, and someday building an outdoor kitchen to go next to my to-be-built swimming pool (I can dream can’t I?)


Most of this week was taking care of the aforementioned problem.  We got lots of support from friends (thank you for the plants – you know who you are).  And with Passover and Easter coming most of the time was spent in preparation.  So not a lot of hanging out with others, but we have lots of plans for things upcoming.  

One fun thing that did happen was on Wednesday.  Every week after school on Wednesday is Gaga ball day.  What made this day different was that we all brought Kites to the back of the school and flew them.  So much fun!  When was the last time you went kite flying?

Links I’ve clicked on this week

Have you seen the Muppet LEGO Minifigures?  I think I might just have to get a set of these to add to my collection.

I switched hosting from Hostgator to Dreamhost.  The former just wasn’t providing the speed I needed for my Google webmaster Core Vitals.  It still isn’t up to the speed I want, but now I think that the issue is on my end, and I just need to fine-tune some settings in WordPress to make it all come together. 

I’m working on a step-by-step guide on how I started my food blog – stay tuned! In fact Subscribe to this blog and you will be the first to know!

Feel Better with Tara Stiles – Every time I hear the harmonica intro to this podcast I feel the need to become mindful of my breath. 

Do you play Soduku?  Maybe I do because I’m old. 


These Bracelets

Also, I’m always on the lookout for some new frames- What do you think of these by Warby Parker Frames?

Why isn’t there more Men’s Boho Style?  Gonna need to change that.

Upcoming Recipes

Monday – Healthy Garbanzo Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

Tuesday – Vegetarian Chicken & Rice – Cajun Style

Wednesday –  Baked Egg Rolls

Thursday – Red Curry Udon Noodles

Friday  – Onion Rings, Tzatziki, Falafel Salad

Saturday & Sunday –  Leftovers and Take Out

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