8 in the Aisle

Back in the day – before the Pandemic (will it ever go away or has the world forever changed?) 

I used to love to go to the grocery store.  

I would go every week on Friday before picking the kiddo up from school and I would always see some friends from the neighborhood while I was shopping.  A 40-minute trip through the aisles would turn into 2-hours of catching up with friends while standing next to a shopping cart.  On more than one occasion I was the last car in the pick-up line – oops!

Then during “the time, we don’t talk about” I used the amazing curbside pickup that H.E.B. offered.  

FYI – if you don’t know about H.E.B. you probably don’t live in Texas.  They are, without a doubt, the best grocery store in the world.

I could use their incredible app on my iPhone and then a few hours later drive to the store, easily park in a special, designated section, and an amazing HEB Partner would come out of a side door of the store and load my groceries right in the car.  I didn’t have to lift a finger.  It’ was great!

But I missed the fellowship of the unorganized shopping encounters.  

Now, I’m back to shopping in person (mostly) and once again I’m seeing friends in the aisle.  And the conversations are beginning again.  💚

Things I’m Loving

One Room Challenge – This is the 10th year of the ORC.  I’ve been following them since before the Instagram days, back when they were just a baby blog (like my site is now).

How do I explain the challenge? Basically, regular people (and some big-name decorators) take 8 weeks to completely transform a room.  On week 1 they show the room and talk about their plans, and by week 8 you see the amazing accomplishments.

Be sure to follow the #ORC tag to see what everyone is creating!

This tortilla press.  If you aren’t making your own tortillas – Why NOT?  

My lawn.  As of last weekend, winter ended and spring sprung.  Apparently, my grass just got the notice, and now wants all my attention.  And I’m giving it to her.  Scroll down to see. I’ll give updates every week if you want. As I morph into an old man, I understand the importance of LawnCare.

Wins & Obstacles To Overcome

As of today, I’m down 40.2 pounds.  I’ve still got a ways to go to get to wonderland, but this is really helping me on my journey.

This was challenging and also insightful. Apparently, I’m a “stress-eater” and this week has been a doozy.  A couple of family members are facing some health challenges, and I have been helping out and eating my feelings.

To get back on track, I return to the basics.  Lots of water.  3-4 Liters per day.  Track every calorie on my kitchen scale.  Full CICO. 

Most Popular Recipe from last week

Looking at my analytics from last week – my most popular recipe, the one that’ll clicked on the most was my Homemade Chili Oil.  

Funny story about that recipe.  The first time I made it I made a HUGE mess.   There is a step where you heat up the oil in the pan, and then pour it over the dried spices.  I wanted to use a cool vintage bottle with a wire hinge and clasp and had everything set up on my cutting board.  I even had my iPhone camera running to capture the transfer.

Well, I started pouring the very hot oil into the room temperature glass jar, and when the jar was halfway full, there was a loud pop and suddenly broken glass and HOT oil were everywhere. Thankfully I didn’t get burned, but I spent a solid hour cleaning the counter, cabinets, and floor before I could resume the recipe.

If you have ever tried to clean a quart of spilled hot oil with glass in it, you know what I’m talking about.  It takes forever!  But it sure did smell nice!

What I’m Answering

How’s the new puppy?  The only question I got last week was about LuLu our 4-month old Westie.  She is in full puppy mode from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed.  When I’m not cleaning up the little messes she leaves everywhere, she is nibbling on my toes or anything else that moves.


I’m so looking forward to traveling again.  Of course, I’m still not ready to get on an airplane yet, but, will be soon.  To that end, we have started the process to get our passports again.  Sadly I made the mistake of letting them expire so we have to do all the paperwork and do all the things – but it will be worth it when I get to see this again.

Summer is coming, and then the Fall Football season is after that.  The family is talking about a few trips and we are making lists of where to go and what to see during the long vacation – but all that is still up in the air.

Links I’ve clicked on this week

Looking through my browser history, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on Food Blogging SEO (everyone needs to watch every one of these videos), Food Blog Roundups (an amazing series of posts), and live laparoscopic hernia videos (I did say a family member was having health issues).  Also, you can google that yourself.  There is no need to turn that link purple.


As the weight comes off, I find myself needing new clothes but not wanting to spend a lot because I still have a ways to go.  Around the house, I’m wearing old polos, and $5 Amazon nylon shorts.  Outside, it’s black jeans and my standard Hawaiian shirts.  And dad shoes.  Gotta love the dad shoes.

Upcoming Recipes

MondayAuthentic Corn Tortilla Recipe

TuesdayVegetarian Dan Dan Noodles

Wednesday –  Gardein Chicken Vegetarian Tacos

Thursday – Vegetarian Chicken Cheesy Sliders with Out Of This World Dip

Friday  – Vegetarian Chicken Quesadillas with Creamy Pepperoncini sauce 

Saturday & Sunday – Takeout and Leftovers

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