Are Corn Tortillas Keto?

As a vegetarian, and former biochemist, one question I often get asked if Corn Tortillas are Keto. I’ve lost over 40 pounds as a vegetarian, and although I didn’t use Keto, I do know all about it and can tell you the answer:

The answer is very simple. No. A Keto diet is a high fat, low carb diet. Corn tortillas have on average 13 grams of carbs. There are such a thing as low carb tortillas which could be an even healthier option for a low-carb diet, but corn tortillas are not Keto.

The confusion may come from the difference between low carb, and gluten-free.

Making Homemade Tortillas
Making Homemade Tortillas

Corn Tortillas ARE gluten-free. But they are NOT low carb. Remember, Gluten is a protein that comes from flour. And Carbs are Carbohydrates, which are not a protein but instead are fiber, starches, or sugars. Regular wheat flour tortillas of course have gluten, and are also not keto friendly.

Are Tortillas Keto Approved?

It is possible to get keto-approved tortillas. They won’t be made of corn (or flour) for that matter. Some common types of Keto Tortillas are made with

  • cauliflower,
  • coconut flour
  • almond flour

These types of tortillas are all ok for a Ketogenic diet and can be found in most grocery stores.

Wheat tortillas or whole grains are NOT keto, as they have lots of carbs.

However, you decide to handle your weight loss, be sure to consume fewer calories and be safe about it. I actually only recommend following a strict keto diet if your doctor recommends it as a safe weight loss plan.

Ball of Maize ready to be divided
Ball of Maize ready to be divided

How Many Carbs are in a Corn Tortilla?

There are approximately 13 grams of carbs in a standard-sized tortilla. Larger ones have more, of course, and half servings have fewer carbs. I would have to say that corn tortillas are not the best option for your carb intake, but in a pinch 1 would be OK. Your best bet would be to use one of the alternative keto-friendly tortillas mentioned above.

How Many Corn Tortillas Can I Eat on Keto?

According to many keto diets you want to have 50 grams of net carbs or less per day on a keto diet. So, in theory, you can have up to a few corn tortillas and still be ‘OK” but

The only issue I have with store-bought tortillas is that they can have all this other “stuff” in them. Things like psyllium husk, xanthan gum, and other things besides the “main ingredients” of That’s why I use my own corn tortilla recipe.

Homemade tortillas have amazing flavor and are great for your soft tacos, or any other way you want to use them.

Making Authentic Corn Tortillas

If you are craving some Corn Tortillas, I’ve got a great, tasty, and simple recipe that works every time, and takes only a few minutes. It comes out to about 2-cents for an average-sized corn tortilla, and they taste oh so much fresher (and better).

Although my local grocery store carries all my favorite brands, I always head down the baking aisle to get a bag of Masa Flour. That’s ground maize (corn) that is ground just right for homemade corn tortillas.

There are literally only 3 ingredients, and you already have the other 2. Salt and water.

Mix all 3 ingredients together (the complete recipe is at the bottom of the page). No need to use a food processor or anything like that. Just your fingers work fine.

Then just let the dough sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes. After the short rest make small balls out of the big ball. Each should be about 40 grams or so to make a 6 inch round tortilla.

Next, roll them out using a rolling pin, or use a tortilla press to make the perfect thickness.

Cooking them couldn’t be easier either. Just put your seasoned cast iron skillet over super-high heat. A few moments on each side and you will have the best traditional corn tortillas you have ever had.

Obviously, the best thing is to eat right away with your favorite toppings or store them in an airtight container for a few days in the fridge. Re-heat these traditional tortillas by wrapping them in a slightly damp paper towel and putting them in the microwave for about :30 seconds.

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Authentic Corn Tortilla Recipes

Authentic Corn Tortilla Recipe

It is so easy to make authentic Corn Tortillas – only 3 ingredients and about 20 mintues. So tasty. So fresh. Carb-free and no gluten!
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Resting time 10 mins
Course Breakfast, Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 8 tortillas
Calories 55 kcal


  • 1 tortilla maker


  • 120 g Masa Flour
  • ¾ C Warm Water
  • tsp salt


Make Corn Tortilla Dough

  • In a medium-sized bowl add the Masa Flour, Warm Water, and Salt
  • Mix with hands until combined for about 4 minutes. Form into a ball.
  • You want a mashed potato consistency – if too dry and more water, (1- tablespoon at a time). – if too wet add more masa flour (1-tablespoon at a time)
  • Let the ball of dough rest for about 10 minutes

Turn dough into tortillas

  • Cut 2 squares of wax paper for each tortilla being made.
  • Divide the dough ball into 8 equal parts (approximately 40 grams each), and roll each into a ball.
  • Using the tortilla press, place one piece of wax paper on the bottom, then 1 small masa ball, and then another piece of wax paper. close the lid and press down with the lever to flatten the ball into a round tortilla.
  • Repeat for all 8 little balls

Cook Corn Tortillas

  • Pre-heat a large non-stick skillet (or cast iron) over high heat.
  • Remove the wax paper from the flattened tortilla and cook for 1-minute each side and ENJOY!


These real corn tortillas have an authentic Mexican flavor and are so easy to make. Plus they are literally only 2 cents each.  
Way faster than making bread, and more fun to eat, these are a great option to use instead of store-bought.
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