YES, Tofu is Vegan and Vegetarian, and easy to use, too!

Cutting a block of Firm Tofu

Is Tofu Vegan? YES, Tofu is also vegetarian. Here’s why. The production of Tofu does not use any animal products at all which makes it vegan. The ingredients are Soybeans, Water, and Calcium Sulfate. The soybeans are cooked and naturally separated into solids and liquids. The mixture is put into molds and out comes tofu. … Read more

The Best Cupcake Recipe Without Baking Powder to Make Today!

The Inspiration What do you do when you want to make the perfect vanilla cupcakes, but you are missing a key ingredient? You have to make do and improvise. Well, I’ve got you covered. Most cupcake recipes contain Baking Soda. That’s the stuff in the orange box – Arm & Hammer is the most common variety … Read more

17 Easy Tofu Marinade Recipes With Step by Step Instructions

Cilantro Tofu Marinade

Are you looking to make the most flavorful tofu ever? Here are the quick directions to marinate your tofu, with a much more detailed explanation below: For the best results start with firm or extra firm tofu. Press to drain moisture by covering with tea towels or paper towels then something heavy, like a block … Read more

Homemade Chili Oil Recipe

Heat. Just Heat. Not sweet. Not salty. It’s not even a flavor really. Remember there are 5: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. The Hot flavor stands alone. And for me it brings out all the other flavors in interesting and sometimes painful ways. To make Chili Oil at home, take a neutral oil and … Read more

Korean Tofu Soup Recipe

Hot and Spicy Korean Tofu Soup

A warm and slightly spicy stew that’s just perfect to wake you up on a cold day at the end of winter. This vegetarian version of comfort food is of one of my favorite Korean Stews Traditionally called SUNDUBU JJIGAE in Korean which translates (Spicy) Soft Tofu Stew. This Tofu Soup Recipe has 13 simple ingredients, and … Read more