8 in the Aisle – 2

This week seemed to fly by. I’m a planner and I love routine. Kinda weird for a Bohemian I guess. But when I’m home I need the stability of a routine. I love to be surrounded by the memories I’ve collected from my travels, and when I’m on the road, I can absolutely go with … Read more

Gardein Vegetarian Chicken Tacos

Gardein Vegan Chicken Tacos

Who doesn’t love a Taco? First of all, you have to choose a hard shell or soft one. Or do you? I’ve come up with a combination between the two that is so easy, fast, and delicious you will wonder “why didn’t I think of that?” It starts with a homemade corn tortilla and uses … Read more

Are Corn Tortillas Keto?

Making Authentic Corn Tortillas

As a vegetarian, and former biochemist, one question I often get asked if Corn Tortillas are Keto. I’ve lost over 40 pounds as a vegetarian, and although I didn’t use Keto, I do know all about it and can tell you the answer: The answer is very simple. No. A Keto diet is a high … Read more

8 in the Aisle

Back in the day – before the Pandemic (will it ever go away or has the world forever changed?)  I used to love to go to the grocery store.   I would go every week on Friday before picking the kiddo up from school and I would always see some friends from the neighborhood while … Read more

Vegan Tofu Meatballs

The Best Tofu Meatballs

I’ve been looking for a great vegan and gluten-free meatball for a while. The problem has always been getting them to stick together.  I’ve solved the issue and was able to come up with really good tasting vegan meatballs that are 100% gluten-free This recipe only has 7 ingredients and can be made in just … Read more

The Easiest 9 Ingredient Creamy Mushroom Pasta Dinner You Can Make Tonight

9 Ingredient Creamy Mushroom Pasta Dinner

A quick vegetarian pasta dish that warms you from the inside! As a lifelong vegetarian (35+ years) I consume only sustainable animal products – milk from pasture-raised cows, and eggs from free-roaming chickens. And this 20-minute pasta dish delivers amazingly rich flavor. First, boil the pasta in the biggest pot you have with generously salted water. While … Read more

Tofu Burger Recipe

Tofu Burger

The Tofu Burger Recipe my Kid Will Eat! Did you know that it takes the same amount of time to make Tofu burgers as it does to make a regular burger? It’s the same process. Take the ingredients, mash them together, form into a patty and heat. One thing you don’t need to worry about … Read more

Udon Sauce Recipe

Udon sauce ingredients

My Quick and Easy Udon Sauce Traditional Udon noodles are in a broth soup, but I like mine differently. I’ve come up with this quick and easy udon noodle sauce that goes together quickly and can be made with a lot of ingredients you probably already have on hand. It’s OK if you don’t, obviously, … Read more